…….….    the judicious use of modern biotechnology in the search for foods of improved nutritional quality in terms of their nutritional content, nutrient bioavailability, functional properties and acceptability, and in enhancing the efficiency of food production for the growing population, for as long as utmost regard is accorded to their safety to health and environment. More particularly, PAN urges the continuing development of:

  • Varieties of rice and other cereals with high iron and zinc content of acceptable bioavailability;
  • Sweet potato and other tubers with increased beta-carotene and iron content;
  • Tomatoes with higher beta-carotene and lycopene content;
  • Green leafy vegetables with high iodine content even when grown in iodine-poor soils;
  • Cereals, beans and legumes with improved amino acid profile;
  • Crops of lower content of absorption inhibitors and other anti-nutritional factors such as phytates, tannin, trypsin inhibitors, etc.
  • Vegetables, fruits and other plant foods with enhanced phytochemicals of potential benefit to health;
  • New food products of high nutritional value, functional properties and acceptable organoleptic quality.

Towards this end, PAN strongly supports increased human resources and financial support for research and development in modern biotechnology, particularly towards the development of foods of improved nutritional quality.

Furthermore, the PAN Recommends  that government exert every effort and means to ensure safety of foods derived from modern biotechnology, the provision of adequate regulatory and monitoring system of such foods, and the development of a comprehensive program to educate the public on the benefits of modern biotechnology and on what the government as well as the private sector are doing to ensure safety to health and environment.

On its part, the PAN and all its members throughout the country should contribute to public understanding of the benefits of modern biotechnology together with the measures being implemented in ensuring its safety to health and environment.