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  • PAN and PSND


13 October 2016

Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria Hotel, 1100 Ortigas Ave. Extension

Executive Summary:


Clinical Nutrition is field of expertise and interest shared by numerous health professionals; among them are medical doctors and nutritionist dietitians.  Clinical Nutrition can be looked at different context depending on the profession.  For the medical doctors, this is a sub-specialty that focuses on the parts, functions, diseases, and medical management of the gastrointestinal tract and the accessory organs that are involved in digestion and absorption.  Thus, clinical nutrition for medical doctors looks closely on enteral and parenteral nutrition support for all stages of the life cycle and the responsibilities of the members of the nutrition support team. It is hoped that each tertiary hospital in the Philippines has a nutrition support team.  For Nutritionist-Dietitians, clinical nutrition encompasses the physiological and biochemical beyond normal, healthy nutritional status which involves movement science, diseases and its nutritional/health management and prevention among others. Realizing that clinical nutrition is changing brought about by recent studies/researches and discoveries, PAN Inc. discussed with PhilSPEN, the possibility of a joint offering of a forum on the Advances in Clinical Nutrition. Thus, the joint forum was implemented/offered to medical doctors and RNDs on 13 October 2016.  A total of 89 participants registered for the Forum with 15 Board members from PAN and PhilSPEN also present.  The 89 participants are distributed as follows: 36 from Private/Corporate sector; 10 from the Public sector; 9 from the Academe; and 24 are graduate students taking up MS Nutrition or MS Cilinical Nutrition.


The Opening Ceremonies started at from 8:45 AM to 9:30 AM. Following this were the Technical Sessions in the Morning (9:30 AM to 11:30 AM), Luncheon Symposium sponsored by Organique Acai Berry which concentrated on how do nutrients as anti-oxidants work to maintain health and wellness, and the afternoon Technical session from 1:40 PM to 4:40 PM.  For the profile of each resource person and the highlights of their respective lectures, kindly refer to the document attached to this completion form (Appendix 1).  Over all, the lectures delivered by all resource persons were evaluated as relevant and the speakers were rated as excellent (Appendix 2). 


The program had three portions of Open Forum.  In the first set of Open Forum, the question was on how the management of malnutrition may be disseminated to nutrition support doctors practicing in tertiary hospitals and if the shared guidelines from ASPEN, ESPEN, and PENSA are being practiced or have been adopted in the local setting.  In the second Open Forum, the questions raised were clarification of the consultative process shared by Dr. Balburias, the availability of tests for metabolomics also shared by Dr. Balburias, and the current practice of Dr. Burgos on using/advising antioxidants for the management of cancer.  In the last Open Forum, the questions raised were the difficulties that may be experienced by hospitals when they plant to create nutrition support teams and the types of physical movement as advised by Prof. Callanta on how to prevent muscle loss in adults.