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The Philippine Association of Nutrition (PAN), Inc. was founded on 9 March 1947 by individuals with the vision of good nutrition for Filipinos led by Dr. Francisco O. Santos, Dr. Juan Salcedo, Dr. Isabelo O. Concepcion, Prof. Presentacion Perez, Dr. Clara Ruth Darby, Dr. Barker Brown, and Dr. Ariston Hermano.

The PAN was formed to organize into a single body all those interested in the food and nutrition problems in the Philippines and support all efforts directed towards the attainment of proper nutrition of Filipinos.

Its major accomplishments include:  establishment of the Institute of Nutrition (IN) now the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI); assisted IN in the passage of the Rice Enrichment Law (RA 382) on 14 August 1952 and its implementation; helped work for the inclusion of nutrition in the medical curriculum, and recommended guidelines and policies in the needed curricula.  The latter led to the organization on 23 February 1955 of; the Dietetic Association of the Philippine (DAP) now known as the Nutritionist-Dietitians’ Association of the Philippines (NDAP).  The PAN also helped in the organization of the Nutrition Foundation of the Philippines (NFP).

PAN membership is open to professional practitioners in food and nutrition or allied fields, to students in food and nutrition and other allied fields and to persons who have shown sustained and active participation in the promotion of nutrition.  Membership is also open to organizations and corporations that are actually engaged in the promotion and advancement of nutrition in the Philippines.

Now on its 67th  year of its organization, its present membership of around 600 are continuously working toward the improvement of the nutritional status of the Filipino through innovative projects and pioneering collaborations that promote the cause of nutrition in the country.